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I hope to see many of you at Pi-Con!

As everyone makes their August plans, I wish to remind you to consider attending Pi-Con! Pi-Con is a weekend-long celebration of science fiction and other fan interests - there's webcomics, science, costuming, gaming, larping, filk, lifestyle, and lots more. This year, it's happening August 21-23 in Enfield, CT right off 91, just south of the MA border. Register today!

This year will feature Author Guest of Honor Mary Doria Russell (award winning author of The Sparrow and Children of God), Webcomic Guest of Honor Jeffrey Rowland (creator of Wigu, Overcompensating, and the awesome t-shirt site Topatoco), and Guest of Awesome Genevieve Iseult Eldredge. We will also see the return of our video game room, two full rooms of all day board/card/table top gaming, many favorite panels and events including the panel in the pool, and the new addition of Filk programming! There will also be performances by our local Rocky Horror and Repo casts (The Come Again Players and Genetic Imperfection)

Full weekend pre-registration rates for Pi-Con are currently $40 for adults or only $25 for students! Get your registrations in at the early rate!

Room reservations are *open* for Pi-Con! Room rate will be $109/night + tax. Just go to http://www.pi-con.org/hotel.php and you can register online for a room (note: Discounted room rate ends August 10th, reserve soon!).

For more information, to volunteer, sign up to vend, or otherwise contact us, check out our web page at www.pi-con.org
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shoes for sale

i have a pair of shoes that are too big.

they are 6 1/2 black stilettos from guess. they have high heels. rounded pointy toe with a 1/2 toe platform.

i havent worn them! they are brand new!

i'm asking 30$.

they are not this shoe, but they look almost like this shoe

click here to see this shoe!

you can either comment here, or send me an email at cgavriel@wes

Crooked Still tickets?

Hi, I'm an alum coming into town for Homecoming, and I had this genius plan for getting a ticket to the Crooked Still concert. Except that it wasn't so genius because it fell through.

So: does anyone have an extra ticket they would be willing to donate/sell to me? Or does anyone know anyone with an extra ticket?

Thanks all


Hi everyone!
I'm a suffering senior, and have some questions. (surprise surprise!)
How's the neuroscience at Wesleyan - Are there a good amount of lab/research opportunities? Are the professors madly in love with their subject? Are you, if you study it? 
If you're majoring in neuroscience - or biology of some sort - why'd you choose Wesleyan?
Did anyone consider Brandeis, too? If so, why'd you choose Wesleyan?
If you have any other random things to say about Wesleyan, why you love it or why you despise it, do tell! I'd be awfully grateful for any rants.
Or you could just talk about yourselves - despite knowing logically that EVERY college has different sorts of people, amongst whom I could find soul mates and worst enemies, boring people and fascinating creatures, I really want to just get a sense of a few individuals that go to the college.

I know this must seem pretty desperate and muddled... I kinda just found out about Wesleyan today and it upheaved my whole college list and mentality. Help!
Thanks so very very extraordinarily much!

Party on Fountain

WesFolk of LJ:

If you haven't heard already, there was a showdown on Fountain Ave last night involving MPD, psafe, state troopers, k9 units, two ambulances, pepper spray, tasers, and about 300 drunk kids. Wesleying is pretty much continually being updated about it and you can check it out here.

President Michael Roth is holding an open house today in his office at 9am. If you're still on campus, I highly recommend you come and help us pack South College.

The Argus will be producing a Special Edition issue regarding these events. Send your thoughts to wesleyanargus.com/submissions to Wespeak on this issue.

Additionally, you can contact Middletown Police Chief Lynn Baldoni
(860) 344-3201
Middletown Police Department
222 Main Street
Middletown, CT

Deciding between Wesleyan, Carleton & Oberlin

I'm a prospective student who is trying to choose between Oberlin, Carleton & Wesleyan. Did any of you consider Carleton & Oberlin? How did you decide on Wesleyan? What makes you glad (or sorry) that you did?

I'm interested in Classics, English (including Creative Writing), and History. How hard is it to get into the Creative Writing classes? Any comments or opinions on these departments?

Thanks for your help!

transfer prospie Qs


i currently go to reed college, in portland, or, and i'm considering a transfer to wesleyan. i'm trying to get out of here mostly because of the culture (it's vague, but you can ask if you want more info). so, i was hoping you could help me out by answering some of these questions:

1. what's the best thing about wesleyan? what's the worst?
2. how would you describe the campus culture? what are some stereotypes about wesleyan students? do they ring true?
3. are people usually stressed? friendly? passionate? inconsiderate? etc.
4. are people smart? are they socially-conscious?

and anything else you want to mention. i'd be transferring in as a junior, so anything about how difficult or easy you think it would be to integrate would help.

and thanks.

::Edit:: - is socio-economic and racial diversity apparent? are there interactions between different classes, races, etc.? are there tensions?


does anyone else get annoyed when other wes students make assumptions about you and project their level of privilege on to you? do you also find it more annoying when they consequently feel justified in judging your actions and lifestyle?
Summer days drifting away

Decision letters


I have heard from all of my colleges except for Wesleyan, and I am pretty sure that I am going to Barnard College, unless I get into Wesleyan. Does anyone know when they mailed the letters? I live overseas so I know that it will take longer to arrive.

A senior sitting in front of the mailbox